How to Keep A Healthy Tongue

 Well, your tongue is a major and significant component of your oral health and hygiene.  It is unfortunate that the component is forgotten by many, as they only concentrate on the teeth and gums.  In addition, this component is vital as it enhances various functions including tasting and swallowing as well as talking.   As you care for the gums and teeth, do not forget to ensure the hygiene of your tongue also.  Not caring for the teeth results in a white build up on this essential component of your oral hygiene.  Consequently, the build-up encourages the coming up and spread of bacteria in the mouth.  As a result one may experience bad breath.   If the bacteria continues thriving, then more advanced issues such as tooth decay and gum disease occur.

 Several oral hygiene clinics have been established in Northbrook. Notably, Northbrook Dental, is among them.  Such clinics ensure the best care for their clients.   They handle the noticeable and unnoticeable issues. A common illness is Thrush.   Mostly, babies, older people and those with weak immunities are at the highest risk of the illness.  If untreated, the problem could worsen and also spread to the esophagus bringing about swallowing problems.  Leukoplakia is also common especially for people who frequently smoke tobacco since tobacco smoke irritates the tongue.   Unfortunately, this is far much worse and harmful condition since it encourages the development of mouth cancer.  Therefore, keep visiting your northbrook dentist regularly, especially if you realize developing white patches on the tongue.

Another illness is the red tongue which involves the development and appearance of red spots. It mainly occurs resulting from deficiencies of b-12 folic acid.   In addition, there is a sore tongue problem whose main cause is tongue biting and grinding. If the symptoms last too long, see your dentist in northbrook il for an examination. Another issue is a black and furry tongue.  It is mainly caused by extreme yeast and bacteria build-up especially on the taste buds.  Some of the causes include drug use, HIV, radiation treatments, tobacco smoking and also poor oral hygiene.

 Ensure the tongue remains healthy by scrapping it and thus keeping away yeast and bacteria build-up.  Proper rinsing ensures that all the bacteria are eliminated.   While planning meals, consider including those that strengthen your tongue's muscles and also those that keep away bacteria.   Some of the iron rich foods that strengthen the tongue include leafy greens, poultry and red meat.  Foods that keep off bacteria include mushroom, garlic, onion, and ginger, which are microbial. Finally, visit your dentist at least every six months to get professional cleanings and examinations.