Keeping Your Tongue Healthy

You need to keep your tongue clean and healthy even though it is not the prettiest part of your body. One may neglect their tongue because they have no clear grasp of the part it plays in their northbrook dental hygiene. To keep your tongue healthy, there are some few things you can do. Some of these things will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs but it is also important to understand why tongue hygiene is important. Everything you ingest into your body goes through your mouth. Cleaning your tongue will ensure that no bacteria goes into your body as you eat. Having a clean tongue also ensures that you prevent any infection from developing in your mouth. As such, keeping a health mouth and a healthy body means having a clean tongue.

One has tiny bumps on their tongue and these bumps get filled up with food particles after eating. For this reason, the tongue`s surface can have lots of bacteria. The bacteria often lead to bad breath as wells as bad tastes in the mouth. You need to clean your tongue regularly to avoid this. You can use your brush to clean the tongue after brushing your teeth. You should clean the part as well as the back part even though it triggers your gag reflex.

One can also use a tongue scraper to clean their tongue which complements daily cleaning with a brush. A scraper can thoroughly clean your tongue. Your average scrapper is made of soft, flexible plastic that removes the mucus layer of debris from your tongue. You should nonetheless use the scrapper with a lot of care to avoid injuring your tongue. While scrapping your tongue, try and concentrate on the center of the tongue since it harbors most of the odor-causing bacteria.

Other than brushing and scraping your tongue, try to use a mouth wash to clean your who mouth. Most people think that mouth wash is used to clean the teeth, but it is also helpful in getting rid of bacteria on the mouth. If you are going to use mouth wash, it is better to use the one that has chloride dioxide and Listerine which are very effective in getting rid of bacteria. One also need to go for regular check-up. This is the only way to ensure that you keep your tongue clean at all times since some odors and tongue infections are from mouth diseases. Your northbrook dental expert should be able to examine your tongue during your regular appointments to ensure that it is in the best shape. You should also avoid tongue jewelry which can hurt your tongue, the process of piercing the tongue and putting the jewelry has been known to damage nerves.