Tips On How To Clean Your Tongue

People dutifully wash their mouth in the morning and at night before going to bed.  Few of these people take the time to clean their tongue.  This is a horrible thing as tongues need to be cleaned too.  The papillae are the little bumps that cover the surface of the tongue.  These papillae are the taste organs that will make you enjoy the sweet taste of ice cream or the salty taste of chili.  Sometimes the papillae can house bacteria, dead skin and also food particles.

You don't need a special tool to clean your tongue, but a tongue scrapper can play the perfect use.  For the people who tend to gag easily, they should settle for a tongue scrapper.  In order to be able to clean your tongue thoroughly, you must be able to reach the back of your tongue since that is the place that the bacteria, dead skin and food particle are usually stored.  T his will be easier when using a tongue scrapper.  A tongue scrapper can be purchased at a drug store or online.  There are tongue scrapers that are made of plastic and are not expensive.  With a little more you can find stainless steel tongue scraper.  This will last longer and will clean your tongue entirely. 

You are willing to initiate the tongue cleaning with a tongue scrapper.  Open your mouth and place the tongue scraper at the bottom of your tongue as far as you can.  Press the scrapper on your tongue moving it forward carefully to make sure you don't apply much force and hurt your tongue.  Rinse the tongue scrapper properly to make sure you delete the waste.  The tongue scrapper should be cleaned using water. Know more about northbrook dental care here!

After each scrapping make sure to clean the tongue scraper and repeat the process on a different part of the tongue without applying much pressure.  After you have finished the tongue scrapping, rinse your mouth with warm water and use mouth wash.  Do not use a lot of force when cleaning the tongue as you can damage the taste buds. Call dentist in northbrook il to know more!

Alternatively, you can use a gentle tooth brush when cleaning your tongue and not use a lot of pressure.  Rinse the tooth brush bristles using hot water after each brush.  Mouth wash, and hot water should be utilized after the tongue brushing.  Make sure you have a clean and healthy tongue after the brushing.  After cleaning your tongue, a white coat should not be there, and if this is the case, you should visit the tongue.  It is the major factor to clean your tongue to improve the oral hygiene and avoid bad breath.  Bacteria will produce the smelly substances that cause the bad breath.